Our creations are tools that trigger human emotions. We are an awarding winning team of writers, animators, directors, cinematographers, and content creators that shape the future. We are Speakerhead.


life into

your story.

An audaciously strategic, risk-taking type of agency. Our sole purpose is to add measurable increase and abundance to your brand. Masters of social interaction…An integrated woven tapestry comprised creativity, innovation & attention-grabbing visual content. With a far-reaching exclusive network, your vision is breathtakingly displayed before Millions. Take the first step.

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A team of creative creatures, artistic in nature. The world is our canvas, and passion is our paint,and social media is the gallery. A group of Alchemist of sorts. Instead of turning base metal into gold, we turn visions into reality. The goal is to push culture forward. Everything has a frequency

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SPEAKERHEAD is a very creative and passionate company. They're very intuitive and I would highly recommend them for any project.

Jeff Knite Dark Knites Ent

Karriem Muhammad and his team have creatively taken our direction and have constantly performed well above our expectations. I encourage anyone that wants to work with Speakerhead and their team to do so. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with such a creative group.

Ben BercoviciPresident InSync Productions

They were able to take my concept, and turn it into a story that was effective and that left the impression with the viewers that I was hoping for.
The presentation deck and promotional video were essentially responsible for my landing my partnerships and my funding.

Tim DelaneyYeppers! Gaming LLC

Working with Speakerhead was an awesome experience. He not only provided my company with great designs but 100% customer satisfaction. I’m very pleased and excited for the world to see my new company branding.

Gina Sims Classique Pieces

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Check out our legacy reel of satisfaied clients.

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We use skills, precision, and accuracy to hit our target,Like a Marksman with a crossbow. There’s nothing stronger then two forces holding hands. Let’s grow together. Join us.


As the saying goes,” If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” A branding strategy is a road map that guides you to your destination. So, you decide the journey’s end and then we decide the best way to get there.


Whether it’s Vlog, Culture, Interview, Webinar, Event, Presentation, Tutorial, Product Review, Testimonials, or Animation, Video is the most powerful way to connect to your target audience and we got D#%@N good at it!


We not only use in-depth consumer data and behavior science, but we also have an exclusive network of A-list celebrities, powerful influencers and specialized Niche Bloggers. Your brand will be in front of Millions.